Carole Meyer Art

I believe I have been studying to be an artist my whole life. I have worked at creating my vision of beauty as long as I can remember. My life path has led me to be a fashion model working in runway, television and print. From there I was drawn to photography. I owned a successful photography studio for over 30 years working with models, actors and finally in the portrait field. I started painting fifteen years ago. I have had no formal training in either photography or art, but am self taught. I like to do things my way, and I enjoy experimenting and discovering what works. Most times as I start a painting I have no idea where it will end up....and for me, that is the wonder of it all. It is a way to let the creative side of my brain run free and not be reined in by that other side that has so many rules to follow!

I paint for the love of it. I paint because I need to. And I paint because I love to create something of beauty and wonder. It is all very simple....I am not in angst, or trying to let out a primal scream...I am only trying to make something that for me is beautiful. That is my driving force: the creation of a thing of beauty. Though it was very difficult to sell my first painting, I have learned to let go... and be happy that I have created something that another person can receive pleasure from and know in my heart that this letting go will move me forward in my creative process.
I feel as though I have just started------there is no end to my creative mind until it ceases to exist or until I can not lift the brush any longer. In many ways I am interested to see where age takes my art as I know it will have an effect. My paintings are large and physically demanding....I am constantly moving them from studio tables to the floor to an area in the sun to vertical. I spin them...tilt, blow dry...scrape.....wax.... I use sticks...pieces of metal, my own hands, drills, blow dryers, hot guns, irons, wax, powders, coffee, spices and even paint and brushes sometimes. The entire process of painting is a grand experiment for me. I am not working from the part of my brain that writes checks, sends email, cooks or does any of those other responsible everyday things....I am working from a place deep inside where a strong yearning for beauty resides. A place that is free of rules and full of the sheer joy of creating. My studio looks like a 3 year old has been at work because when I am painting I forget to be neat, I forget everything, only the painting exists for me...things are dropped and tipped over, splashed, tracked about and in my hair.... it is as if I enter a state of suspended disbelief and all else falls away and I am no longer defined by my physical body....but by the creation that is in front of me.

Carole Meyer